My Review of Worthy of Song and Story

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Worthy of Song and Story - Neal Chase

Worthy of Song and Story by Neal Chase is the first book of the Stian the Viking series. Twelve-year-old Stian wants to be the best viking ever. He wants to prove this by going on a raid with his father, but ends up being saved, but by whom he doesn’t know. He is then captured by a dark elf named Dahlia, on her mother’s command. Stian finds out his father isn’t who he thought, and that Loki is his real father. Stian and Dahlia set off on a quest to free Stian’s Loki from the prison that Odin has thrown him into.


This story is set in viking times, but the dialogue is in the present. Preteens will get a kick out of Stian and Dahlia’s banter. This story has a bit of action and humor with a bit of feels thrown in.


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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