Guest Post: Beatrice Beecham & Dave Jeffery


A guest post today, and the launch day of a new BEATRICE BEECHAM book from a good pal and a great writer, Dave Jeffery. 

Here is the gen, from Dave in his own words.   Make him happy. Buy his book. And share this far and wide. 

First of all, I’d like to thank Willie for inviting me along to talk about my new novel Beatrice Beecham’s Cryptic Crypt, released on 3rd March through Crystal Lake Publishing. Anyone who reads Willie’s work will already know that he is a rare breed in terms of talent, but I would say this tenet extends to his support for other authors. This guest blog is testament to such a claim. So thank you, kind sir!

dj-promo-image-5Well, what is the Beatrice Beecham series all about?

On a very basic level it is about fun and danger and mystery. It is about blending those…

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