Assassins, Sea Monsters and a Book Sale

F.T. McKinstry

Trout Lily, by F.T. McKinstry

Spring Greetings!

After a long winter that ended with a bang, I couldn’t be happier to see green grass and buds on the trees. My seeds are planted in the greenhouse, the iris and lily bulbs are breaking ground, bears and raccoons are mauling the bird feeders, and the cats are shedding. Another two weeks or so and the hummingbirds will return. One of my favorite annual events, that.

In celebration of May Day right around the corner, I’m offering The Hunter’s Rede, Book One in the Chronicles of Ealiron, for $0.99 through May 3rd. This story begins the exploits and machinations of an assassin named Lorth of Ostarin, a complex character with the training of a wizard and a bent towards bringing things to their darkest ends.

The Second Edition of Book Two, The Gray Isles, is now live and available for $1.99. In this story, Lorth…

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