Definitive Weird Fiction: Clark Ashton Smith

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A While back I started a new blog post series here on Mighty Thor JRS, Definitive Sword and Sorcery. It has done quite well so I thought I would expand a little and include some other sub-genres and authors I love. Since it is October and things are feeling spooky leading up to Halloween I thought I would go with some Definitive Weird Fiction. At least what is definitive in my opinion. I will spotlight some of the best authors and books fantasy has ever known. I can’t wait to share these amazing books, authors, and the amazing cover art and artist. For this post I am going to go with Clark Ashton Smith and his amazing stories.

Clark Ashton Smith was a fascinating man. A poet, sculptor, painter and fantasy/sci-fi/Horror author. Smith was one of “the big three” authors from Weird Tales Magazine, along with Robert E. Howard and…

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