Book Haul: Bloodstone and Darkness Weaves by Karl Edward Wagner

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I have been looking for these books for such a long time! Can’t believe I finally found some copies, and they are in good shape. In my quest to find awesome vintage Sword and Sorcery paperbacks I look everywhere I can locally. I know I can find some online but they are usually overpriced. I like to see the books in person and I hate the wait for them to ship. But I have never been able to find Kane books at my local haunts. I broke down and bought these two online. I have been following this Facebook page for a little while now and gave them a go. Brian’s and No BullJust Books were great to work with, fair prices, and it didn’t take forever to get my books. They have great Vintage paperbacks, you should go check them out.

Brian’s and No Bull

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2 thoughts on “Book Haul: Bloodstone and Darkness Weaves by Karl Edward Wagner

  1. I’ve also found some vintage books in great condition online. But it’s always fun to browse the used book stores around my town. There are a bunch:)

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