Book Haul: Dark Crusade by Karl Edward Wagner. Centipede Press edition.

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With today’s book haul post I get to share my online find of the Centipede Press (non signed) edition of Dark Crusade by Karl Edward Wagner. I saw this book drop in price to a point that I could not resist, so I got it. I have been wanting more of these editions ever since I found and purchased a copy of Bloodstone a while back. These are beautiful books with excellent art. I great find indeed, I am very excited to add this book to my collection!

Check out all of the great books from Centipede Press here:


thumbnail (2)

thumbnail (1)

thumbnail (3)

My Centipede Press Kane collection so far!

thumbnail (4)

My entire Kane collection so far! Hope I can get more soon!

81JYeqDZTaLDark Crusade

by Karl Edward Wagner 

Out of the blackness of an almost-forgotten past, the cruel cult of Sataki has come to life again. Orted Ak-Ceddi, a daring outlaw…

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