My Review of Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone

Call of the Herald - Brian Rathbone

Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone is the first book in The Dawning of Power series. Catrin, a farm girl, learns that she has powers but also realizes that she doesn’t know what to do them.


I bought this book because I had read the prequel, Wayward Spirits, but quickly realized that the only thing from the prequel in this book was Catrin’s father Wendel and her Uncle Benjin. It is about twenty years later than the prequel, and never answered any questions about what happened to Benjin and Wendel on their journey. I felt as though I was cheated out of a whole story. Beyond that, the story was very slow paced and there was no character development. There were a lot of mundane details of things that weren’t relevant to the story, such as how to shoe a horse and other details of living on a farm.


Purchased from Amazon.

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