Newsflash: THE MIDNIGHT EYE Omnibus on discount

Newsflash: THE MIDNIGHT EYE Omnibus on discount


AMAZON currently have THE MIDNIGHT EYE FILES Omnibus on sale at 99c or the equivalent for KINDLE worldwide. Get in quick and snatch it while it’s cheap.

In this you’ll find all three of the Midnight Eye files novels, THE AMULET, THE SIRENS, THE SKIN GAME, and several extra short stories, so it’s a great bargain. Tell your friends. Hell, tell your enemies.

Derek Adams is a Glasgow P.I. who somewhat reluctantly gets involved in weird cases. It’s what gets called urban fantasy these days, but it’s really my homage to classic detective fiction, to B-movies, monsters, and more than a touch of nostalgia for Glasgow as it was when I lived there back when the world was young. This is me having fun, and I think it shows.

THE AMULET in particular has been very good for me over the years, selling well and also appearing in…

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The Warrior Within

F.T. McKinstry

Othin of Cae Forres Othin of Cae Forres, Ranger of the North Branch

The primordial image, or archetype, is a figure–be it a daemon, a human being, or a process–that constantly recurs in the course of history and appears wherever creative fantasy is freely expressed. ― Carl Jung

I once kicked a hole in the kitchen wall. This happened some time ago, in another house, another life. I honestly don’t recall what triggered it. I was wearing a pair of Doc Martens, which made the act particularly satisfying. I can still feel the sensation of the wallpaper exploding as the sheetrock caved in.

I left that hole there for some time, like a sacrifice to a war god. Then one day I knelt there, fixed the sheetrock and lovingly pieced a matched swatch of wallpaper over the wound like a mother patching up a scraped knee. There, there. These things happen.

How This IsDon’t get me…

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A Sorcerer and His Runes

F.T. McKinstry

To the mind of a geeky author, “sorcery” is a rich and evocative term that could mean any number of things that may or may not have to do with traditional definitions. To this geeky author, it involves–and I quote:

An arrogant, unsavory bunch, old, flaccid and steeped in centuries of privilege and comfort, these men wielded a fine array of nasty skills particularly suited to war: detailed knowledge of demon hierarchies; a blithe willingness to use spit, blood, seed and sound to control and manipulate the natural order; and the inclination to summon every manner of freak and fiend from the Otherworld to spy, track, hold or kill anyone the sorcerers took an interest in. – The Wolf Lords

A rough crowd, this. Called the Fenrir Brotherhood, they are an ancient order of magicians who serve Loki, Prince of Wiles and the Father of Hel. But Adept Leofwine Klemet…

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Music & The Muse

Music & The Muse

How Good Vibes Free The Mind To Wander …

Busy day, phone ringing, things to do and places to be! You’re late, but the lights turn green. You hit the gas, join the freeway, changeup twice, shift lanes and pass those big-ass rigs like a formula 1 pro. Don’t worry. You got this! Stress ain’t where it’s at. Now, cruise control… Time to relax, unwind, forget that phone and let the music find you!

Time for Sirius FM or that battered Eagles CD gathering dust in your glove compartment. You fumble, turn dials, fret and cuss, but then you’re there. In the zone. The music finds you, and… as the road ahead clears, so does your mind…

Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, my folks went through a classical music phase. It didn’t last. But the telly was banned, and yours truly had to sit silently in a corner and…

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