Music & The Muse

How Good Vibes Free The Mind To Wander …

Busy day, phone ringing, things to do and places to be! You’re late, but the lights turn green. You hit the gas, join the freeway, changeup twice, shift lanes and pass those big-ass rigs like a formula 1 pro. Don’t worry. You got this! Stress ain’t where it’s at. Now, cruise control… Time to relax, unwind, forget that phone and let the music find you!

Time for Sirius FM or that battered Eagles CD gathering dust in your glove compartment. You fumble, turn dials, fret and cuss, but then you’re there. In the zone. The music finds you, and… as the road ahead clears, so does your mind…

Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, my folks went through a classical music phase. It didn’t last. But the telly was banned, and yours truly had to sit silently in a corner and…

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