Review: Creepy by Jeff Bennington – A Collection of Ghost Stories and Paranormal Short Stories


Creepy by Jeff Bennington is a short story collection of paranormal delights. I thoroughly enjoyed this little treasure. I will be reading more of Jeff’s work.

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Review: The Golem by Todd Maternowski


The Golem by Todd Maternowski was a quick little read to give me a minute after reading a series book. I enjoyed this tale quite a bit.

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Some musings about the S-Squad

Some musings about the S-Squad


The S-Squad books are me having fun.

The S doesn’t really stand for anything apart from the fact that they’re Sweary, Scottish, and Squaddies. Probably not a good idea to get Sir Sean Connery to do the narration.

In these I’ve lightened my touch, and gone for all out, balls to the wall, plot and adventure. They’re pulpy, in the old sense of the word, irreverent, and more than a wee bit sweary. I’m also enjoying the hell out of writing them.

They’re definitely creature feature homages at their basic level, with added influences ranging from ALIENS, PREDATOR, DOG SOLDIERS and any number of Alistair MacLean books and movies. They’re also in a voice that I am able to drop into naturally, that slightly sarcastic Scots idiom I grew up with. Not having to worry too much about whether the dialogue is natural frees me up to write, and these…

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Review: Pursuit of Shadows by J.A. Andrews


A new release from on one my favorite fantasy authors, J.A. Andrews! Yep, you can read about it here:

Review: Rogue Mage: Age Of Magic – A Kurtherian Gambit Series by by Brandon Barr and Michael Anderle


You can read me review here on my main blog!

Review: A Threat of Shadows by J.A. Andrews (Expanded 2nd Edition)


J.A. Andrews is one of my favorite fantasy authors, and I read this last year, but J.A. has come out with a second edition that includes illustrations, a bonus short story, and a map, which I love! So, I just had to read it again! You can read my review here on my main blog!

As for the bonus story, I haven’t read it yet, but I will get to it soon.