Review: Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer -#ifaholidaychallenge #8

Darkstorm by M.L. Spencer is the first book in The Rhenwars Saga. Braden and Quin Reis, two brothers of great power, are the only hope to stopping a conspiracy of mages who are intent on unsealing the Well of Tears.

Plot 5/5 : Interesting plot with some twists.

Characters 5/5 : Well fleshed out characters

World building 5/5 : An interesting setting 

Pacing 5/5 : Steady pace with spurts of action.

Writing 5/5 : Beautifully written with tastefully written scenes of sexual encounters

Overall 5 stars

M.L. Spencer’s beautiful prose, world building, and character development breathe life into this tale of love, betrayal, determination, and intrigue. This is a must read book for anyone into fantasy.

Find Darkstorm here on Goodreads:

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If this isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is.

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Patty and I have chosen this wonderful piece from Phyllis Staton Campbell

Not Just A Cake

baking-blueberries-blur-227432 Photo by Antonio Quagliata from Pexels

There is anticipation in the air at the school for the blind, and it happens every month. Actually, it happens each month that somebody in the boys’ dorm has a birthday, and that pretty much adds up to every month in the nine-month school year.

Birthdays are special, of course, everybody knows that, don’t they? Well, not always. For these kids from different backgrounds, some with other disabilities as well as blindness, and away from home and family all week, it might not be so special for everybody.

Of course, many get gifts, cards and phone calls from home, but sad to say some do not, and for those who do, they’re still away from that special human touch, and their very own cake. Not for…

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Review: Deep in the Dakota Woods by Brandon Barr for the #ifaholidaychallenge and #ifaholidaychallengebonus

Deep in the Dakota Woods by Brandon Barr is an extremely short read, but it definitely gives you a look into what an exceptionally gifted writer Brandon is.

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Review: Neurogenesis by Brandon Barr #ifaholidaychallenge #ifaholidaychallengebonus

Neurogenesis by Brandon Barr is a stand-alone sci-fi thriller novelette. Javen Worth is about to find out cruel Officer Nero can be.

With this story only having 48 pages, all I can say is WOW! This story kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire read. Brandon’s ability to keep me in suspense was a treat. This is one of the best novelette’s I have ever read.

All of the Brandon Barr books that I have read count toward the #ifaholidaychallenge and since it’s a Brandon Barr book it also counts toward #ifaholidaychallengebonus. Hope you all decide to join the challenge at our Facebook group Indie Fantasy Addicts. You can find us here:

Happy Reading!

Review: Time Jump: Apocalypse by Brandon Barr #ifaholidaychallenge #ifaholidaychallengebonus

Time Jump: Apocalypse by Brandon Barr is a short story about NASA’s JUMP program and what happened when the first jumper disappeared.

This is an interesting story that definitely gives a sense of Brandon’s faith. I think this quick read is good for all age groups. 

You can find the book here:

Review: The Seeker from the Stars by Brandon Barr #ifaholidaychallenge #ifaholidaychallengebonus

The Seeker from the Stars by Brandon Barr is a stand alone short story about an alien in search of something quite unexpected.

This is a cute story that I would recommend for children of all ages. 


If anyone is into indie fantasy, here’s a fun challenge for you, but you’ll have to join an awesome Facebook group called Indie Fantasy Addicts. You can find the group here:

From the Indie Fantasy Addicts Group Admin, Angel Haze:


It’s today! It’s today!

November 19 – January 1

Only six weeks for this challenge, but I already know you guys are just going to rock it! Last time this AMAZING group read almost 800 indie fantasy books in 9 weeks, let’s see how many adventures we can revel in this time! There are some amazing prizes for both readers and authors from signed books, ebooks, audiobooks, bookmarks, bookplates, author spotlights, interviews and reviews!!!

Super simple: Read and review any indie fantasy (no matter what author or fantasy sub-genre). Review can be Goodreads, Amazon, Bookbub…whatever. Just link to it and share a short snippit (or copy and paste the whole review) so all of us can share in your adventure and uncover some spectacular gems!

Thank you in advance for helping spread the word about these amazing authors and their killer adventures!! The effort may seem small, but you are truly making a difference helping spread the word and making their dreams a reality!!

A special thanks to all the authors who graciously donated prizes (and those we were unable to feature because of the flood of offers). You guys are all rockstars!

Bonus #1: Because it’s #NovemBARR Brandon Barr‘s books count as two.

Bonus # 2: Share the challenge on your blog, newsletter, or FB page and get extra bonuses.(Just make sure you let us know about the share to get the credit and a THOUSAND thank yous!!!!!)

AUTHORS: There are three prizes specifically tailored to you that you may also choose.

#1: Featured Author Post 
#2: Author Interview 
#3: Author Spotlight: Review and Interview

I’m soooo excited about this!!!!!!!!! I already have three killer books to share with you in the next coming days! Can’t wait to see your adventures!!

Let this group BLEED AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a peek at the prizes up for grabs:

Sorry I’m late posting, but it runs until January, so you all should have a fair amount of time to read some awesome indie fantasy. Hope to see you all there! Have fun everyone!

Review: Bridge Beyond Her World by Brandon Barr #ifaholidaychallenge #ifaholidaychallengebonus

Bridge Beyond Her World by Brandon Barr is the second book in the Song of the Worlds series. As we follow Meluscia, a dying king’s daughter, and Winter, a farm girl, we learn more of their actions and feelings, and their determination.

Bridge Beyond Her World picks up where Rise of the Seer leaves off. We are introduced, once again, to Meluscia and Winter as they continue their separate journeys with doubts, and yet they both have a quiet determination to have what they want and desire. We are introduced to more of the sci-fi element in this story, which Brandon weaves together beautifully with the fantasy aspect. Once again, Brandon shows his story telling to be intriguing and exciting with beautiful prose that elicit deep emotions, which makes the reader care deeply for these characters.

You can find Bridge Beyond Her World on Goodreads here:



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